Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Fun ideas for boring days

Some people, especially in that 8-13 age range, seem to spend a lot of time thinking they are bored.  Just in case, there's a bored person living at your home, I thought I would write an A-Z list of fun activities.  You can tell I'm not easily bored, because it took less than 5 minutes for me to come up with the following ideas....

A. With or without a telescope, look at the night sky, and brush up on your ASTRONOMY skills.  How many constellations can you find?

B. Blow big BUBBLES.  Let them pop on black construction paper, then measure their circumference to determine which one was biggest.

C  CAMP in your backyard

D. DANCE a happy dance!  Remember Snoopy's happy dance on top of his dog house....


F. Look for FOSSILS

G. GROW some flowers

H. Have a HOPPING contest

I. Make homemade ICE CREAM in a coffee can.  It's fun and delicious!  You can find the recipe and the method at this site:

J. Create a sculpture from JUNK

K. Create an imaginary KINGDOM.  What does it look like?  Who lives there?  What is the weather like?  Are there any unusual plants or animals there?  What do the inhabitants eat?...

L. LEARN Morse Code with a friend, and send each other secret messages.

M. MEASURE the length and width of your foot and your hand, the circumference of your head, your neck, your waist, your thigh.  How do the measurements compare?

N. How many states can you NAME?  How many U. S. Presidents?  How many South American countries?

O. How many layers does an ONION have?  Be sure to count the very thin layers.

P. Use a large rock or hammer to POUND on a small rock until it cracks.  What does it look like inside?  What does it smell like?  Is it sparkly or dull?  Was it hard or easy to break?

Q. Find a bird's feather, and make a QUILL for writing.  Try using blueberry or raspberry juice for ink.  What else might work for ink?

R. ROLL down the biggest hill you can find.  Have a race with a friend or sibling.  

S. Using only things you find in nature, make a SAILBOAT.  How long does it float?  How fast does it go if you blow on the sail?

T. Can you TOUCH the tip of your nose with your tongue?  Can you touch your chin with your tongue?  Can you touch your toes without bending your knees?  Can you put your hands flat on the floor without bending your knees?

U. Create a comedy act called Crazy UMBRELLA Tricks.  Make your umbrella roll over, stand on its "head," stand on it's "toes."  Remember, this is a comedy act...  Entertain your friends with as many "tricks" as you can.

V. Get a new point of VIEW.  Draw a picture of what you wish you could see when you look out your window.  Use a piece of paper the same size as the window.  You may have to tape several pieces of paper together.  When you finish your picture, tape it over your window, and enjoy the VIEW!

W. How many different kinds of WHALES are there on our planet?  Which one is the largest?  Which one is the smallest?  

X. Draw a big picture of yourself   The picture should show you standing alone.  Now use another sheet of paper, the same size as the one with your picture.  Trace the outline of your body on the clean piece of paper, so that the outline is exactly (or nearly) the same size as the first picture you drew.  Now, draw an X-RAY of your body inside that outline. In other words, draw your skeleton.  Be sure to show as many bones as possible, and they should "match" your first picture.  In other words, if you were holding your arms up in the first picture, your X-RAY picture should show your arm bones 'up' also.

Y. Can you YODEL?  It's a unique sound.  The Swiss are quite famous for their YODELING.  If you're not sure how to begin, check out this online course:

Z. Are there different types of ZEBRAS?  Are all ZEBRAS black and white?  How many stripes does a ZEBRA have?  Are they all striped the same way?

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