Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Great Family Vacation Spot - Cedar Point/Sandusky area

My brother,  Gene and our cousin, Wayne, were somewhat prone to adventure seeking. One summer, when they were in their 20's, they decided that they would get summer jobs as speed boat drivers at Cedar Point, in Sandusky. Interestingly, neither of them knew how to drive a boat, but somehow, they talked the owner of the business into hiring them. Their job was to take people for fun and exciting speed boat rides across the lake.

Our family went for a ride with Gene one Sunday afternoon. The lake was a bit choppy, and we bounced across the waves at a speedy clip. At that time, no one in my family knew how to swim, except Gene. Soon, my dad became nervous as he saw the mainland fading into the distance, so he asked Gene to take us back to the dock. My mom had rested her arm on the side of the boat, as we bounced along, and by the time we returned to the dock, she had a bruise that started at her wrist and ended near her shoulder. I'm sure when my mom saw it, she said, "Aye, yi, yi!"

Now, speed boats have been replaced by sleek and speedy catamarans. Cedar Point is no longer in the boat ride business, concentrating on their amusement park and waterpark instead. There are still many, many things for families to do in the Sandusky area. Some are expensive and some are not.

Miller Ferry

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