Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Something Good is Coming!

Do you pay attention to your intuition? Sometimes I do, and sometimes my logical mind rushes in to dissuade me from following a feeling.

For the past month, a hint of "rosiness" has been coloring my vision. Something within is filling me with optimism. I have tried to pinpoint the cause of this optimistic sensation, but so far it remains vague.

Reality has been less than positive lately, but it has not diminished that inner sense of coming good. I have decided not to give too much weight to logical assessment of this feeling, but instead, I will wait to see what happens next... I'll keep you posted.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Getting Organized...

My daughters and I moved from a three bedroom house to a large 2 bedroom apartment about 6 years ago. Two years ago, a friend offered us a great deal on a 2 bedroom apartment in a wonderful neighborhood. We jumped at the chance to leave a large apartment complex for the more homey feel of a duplex. Plus the duplex had a basement, a backyard and a garage. Wow!

The apartment appeared to be similar in size to the one we were leaving, plus we would have storage space in the basement and in the garage. It seemed perfect...

After two years of sorting and purging, we are still bursting at the seams. The duplex apartment is much smaller than our previous place. I highly recommend measuring, and not just eyeballing rooms, when you are considering a move.

My oldest daughter has finally been able to arrange her room into a neat, but crowded, livable space. My youngest seems to have decided it's pointless to try.

I continue sorting and rearranging, trying to find a way to make all this "stuff" look neat. With my consulting and teaching business, I have accumulated an abundance of books, files, learning materials and supplies. I have sold, traded, donated and trashed everything that was not absolutely necessary.

Maybe someone will offer us a deal on a bigger place. In the meantime, I'll just throw some slipcovers and tablecloths over the boxes...