Wednesday, August 7, 2013

We all scream for ice cream!

I happen to think that every month should be National Ice Cream Month, but alas, it's only in July.  At the following website, you can find ice cream history, folklore, the "scoop" on ice cream headaches, how to find science in ice cream, how to make  homemade ice cream, and much more:

The Ice Cream Recipes site offers recipes for all the traditional flavors of ice cream, and recipes for very unusual ice cream flavors, like avocado, bacon, Earl Grey, rhubarb...  I'll stick with traditional.  It's interesting reading though, and they have some good recipes for toppings.

Speaking of ice cream toppings, years ago, a friend of mind gave me a rather smelly (it improved with age), and icky looking concoction, and told me that it was Friendship Fruit Starter.  She, also, gave me a set of instructions detailing what to do with this starter.  It can be used as an unusual, but tasty ice cream topping, or added to cakes, muffins and other recipes.  To learn the whole story about this interesting mix, visit:

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