Monday, August 12, 2013

Flat Stanley and Friends

Flat Stanley is a fun kids' book by Jeff Brown. Stanley, a little boy, is flattened one day by a falling bulletin board. He is fine, but quite flat. There are advantages to flatness. Stanley finds he can now be folded up and sent to new and exotic places by mail. He also fits easily in a suitcase.

Where will your Stanley go? Take him on vacation! Send him to faraway friends and have them photograph Stanley where they live! Take him on all your summer adventures!

Print your own Flat Stanley here. The site may have a pop-up telling you that you can get an app. Just click beside the note, and the pop-up disappears. It will also tell you to sign up for an account, but that is not necessary to print a template. Click on "Resources" at the top of the screen, then look on the left-hand side of the screen and click "Templates." Choose the Flat Stanley you want to print..

Other ideas:

If you're not interested in Flat Stanley, why not create your own "Flat __________" and send your creation around the world. It could even be a character that looks like you! Be creative!

A group of homeschoolers that I know were very creative. All of this group, except their good friend, Joseph, went camping together this year. Since Joseph wasn't able to go with them, he decided to send his sock along. His friends took Joseph the Sock with them everywhere they went, including the pool, on hikes, to the campfire, to camp parties, and many other places. Each place, someone took a picture. Joseph was able to look at all the places his sock went and could almost imagine that he had been there himself... Although everyone missed the real Joseph on the trip, they had fun including Joseph the Sock in all of their activities.

My daughter, Kylia, wanted her friend, Megan to know how much she would be missed when she left for Wittenberg University a few years ago, so Kylia bought a small stuffed kitten, which she named Witty Kitty. While Megan was away, "Witty Kitty" accompanied Kylia on all her adventures. There were many pictures taken, and Megan was able to participate vicariously in Kylia and Witty's activities.

What ideas do you have?

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