Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Town Hall of Cleveland

Town Hall of Cleveland celebrates the 2013-2014 season with the following line-up:

The Lessons of History
Every Leader is an Artist
When China Rules the World
Political satire group
The DNA Needed to Succeed as an Entrepreneur
America: Too Stupid to Cook
Price of Politics

Tickets for students and chaperons are Free. Tickets are normally priced at $45 each! 
Homeschoolers are welcome, and can receive free student tickets. Parents may attend as chaperons.  

All lectures are held at the Ohio Theater in Playhouse Square at 6:00 p.m.     

For tickets, contact: Town Hall of Cleveland, 1120 Chester Ave. #470, Cleveland, OH  44114     
     Phone:   216-241-1919                email:  admin@townhallseries.org

***When you contact Town Hall to request tickets, be sure to indicate that you are a Home Educator.  You will receive a phone call, fax or email to let you know if there are tickets available for the speaker(s) you wish to hear.  You may not know if you are getting tickets until just a few days before the program.  The free tickets are provided on an "as available" basis.

***We have been going to these programs for several years, and they are outstanding!  They are most suitable for teens, and mature 10-12 year olds.  It is helpful, but not necessary, to have your teen(s) do some research on the speaker they are going to hear.

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