Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Spring Is Coming!

Winter in northeast Ohio has never been my favorite season, but I tolerated it. Sometimes I even moderately enjoyed it. This year, I'm just not in the mood for it.

It just started, and it already seems like it's been here too long.

I enjoy being at home, but when I have some place to go, I want to be able to go. I don't like having to check the weather forecasts for my house, plus for wherever I'm headed. You can't just check the current forecast. You have to check the entire day and evening, if it's a long trip. It may be fine in the morning, and clear in the evening, but if the afternoon includes a foot of lake effect snow, it's a major problem...

This morning, however, I discovered two bits of news that are very encouraging.

First, the Lake Erie Nature and Science Center sent me a copy of their SPRING 2012 Program Guide! Did you notice that lovely word... SPRING?! Oh joy, oh joy!

Second, on our trip to the post office this morning, I saw a sign in front of the local Dairy Queen... "Opening February 1st!" The opening of Dairy Queen each year is a sure harbinger of SPRING!

Yes, I know that Spring doesn't officially arrive until March 20th, but the feeling of Spring always arrives much earlier, and I'm ready!

Are ya feelin' it?
Spring Flowers

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Anonymous said...

Went to Big Lots yesterday and was really encouraged to see spring and summer stuff on the shelves!