Friday, March 5, 2010

A Change for the Better!

I have been writing a lengthy monthly newsletter for lifelong learners, for almost 12 years. This past November, I realized that it was a struggle for me to keep up with all the work that was required to make the newsletter what I wanted it to be. In addition to a monthly article relating, in some way, to learning, each issue included events, resources, ideas, lesson plans, holiday celebrations, announcements of upcoming classes and workshops, auditions, opportunities for volunteering and a few other sundry items.

Each month, I spent weeks preparing the newsletter, usually resulting in at least 30-35 pages of information. The entire issue was then emailed to each of my subscribers. It was a popular newsletter, and something I loved to prepare. In November, I finally realized that as much as I loved writing the newsletter, it required more time than I had to offer.

Because my subscribers had been so loyal and supportive, I wrote to them, explaining my situation. I indicated that I was working on a new and better way to prepare the newsletter, and that when I resolved the problems that I was currently facing with its publication, I would again publish, and at that point, all subscriptions would be free, rather than paid. Most of the subscribers enthusiastically thanked me for making the newsletter a free publication, and most, also assured me that they didn't care how often they received it, they just wanted to read my articles. I was relieved to have a bit of time to play with the format, and to develop a better method.

Over the past 4 months, I have considered about 20 different approaches to newsletter publication. Finally, I have settled on a method that I think works well. I'm still making the final tweaks and adjustments, but I'm pleased. I hope my subscribers will be pleased as well. I'm expecting to have everything ready for the debut next week. I've very excited, a bit nervous, and ready to get this show on the road again! It's been far too long! Stay tuned!

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