Monday, September 2, 2013

So, What Can You Do With Food?

This post is filled with resources for teaching about and learning about food.

Lesson Plans:

Unit of 4 lessons - 9th-12th Grade  

Lesson plan on eating disorders

Other Internet Resources:

Mental Floss a thought-provoking magazine featured a great article titled, "Masters of Food Art" by Ransom Riggs.

Information, photos, and resources focusing on garnishing your recipes and food presentation.

Creating a Family Cookbook by Kimberly Powell,
"Almost every family has a treasured recipe, beloved as much for the memories it evokes of family get-togethers or a special family member, as it is for its taste. Most families have many such recipes, handed down through generations, taught to children, or squirreled away on index cards or scraps of paper. A wonderful gift for family and friends, a family recipe book is a wonderful way to combine favorite family dishes with memories of treasured family moments and members. But how to turn those family culinary favorites into an actual family cookbook?”


The Cambridge World History of Food By Kenneth F. Kiple, Kriemhild Coneè
"a smorgasbord of information about virtually everything edible on the face of the globe"

Children Just Like Me by Anabel Kindersley, Barnabas Kindersley

A History of the World in 6 Glasses by Tom Standage - (beer, wine, spirits, coffee, tea, Coca-Cola)

by Suzanne I. Barchers, Patricia C. Marden

Kids Cook!: Fabulous Food for the Whole Family by Sarah & Zachary Williamson

***The following series is my personal favorite.
Exploring History Through Simple Recipes (Series) by Mary Gunderson

The books contain information about everyday life, family roles, cooking methods and common foods, combined with recipes from the historical period. The recipes are based on originals from the time, but they have been updated and simplified. Many period illustrations and photos are included. An excellent series for young cooks. Each book runs about 30 pages. Our family loved these books, and the recipes were delicious!

Fun Activity

You might want to create your own homeschool cookbook. We did, and it's somethng that we treasure. Each daughter has her own book, and it includes recipes she cooked on her own, as well as pioneer recipes we tried, ethnic foods we enjoy, recipes for our favorite holiday foods and recipes from favorite stories, like the Little House books. We used 3-ring binders with covers that allow you to slip a personalized page in a clear pocket on the front.

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