Tuesday, August 3, 2010


My mind generates questions faster than I can find answers. I think that is what makes the world such a fascinating place.

Children have lots of questions, too. Often, we tire of helping them find answers, or we tell them to stop asking questions. Personally, I believe that by fostering a questioning attitude in our children, we practically guarantee a lifetime of learning for them... a true and comprehensive education.

Right now, I'm wondering why the clouds I saw last week were so huge, and so breathtakingly formed. They were the largest clouds I have ever seen. They looked like hundreds of clouds had combined to form megaclouds. They were white, cream, gray and some even had splashes of pink and blue and yellow. They definitely were not billowy, which to me implies light and fluffy. These clouds were dense, and looked to be the consistency of egg whites that had been beaten until they were stiff and "formed peaks."

Another day, there was an even bigger storm cloud overhead. It seemed to cover three-fourths of the sky, and it was shaped like a flying saucer, smooth and dark. Why was it so smooth, and how did such a large cloud form?

Why do sun rays shine from behind the clouds in straight lines? Why aren't they simply a glowing aura around the clouds?

These are things that I am pondering. What questions are you thinking about today?

Photo by Tumble Fish Studio
Used under Creative Commons Attribution License

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