Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Joy of Reading

Recently, one of the guests on a local morning talk show was a reading specialist. The host was commenting about how difficult it was to get her child to read during the summer months. The reading specialist nodded, and asked if the school had provided the students with a summer reading list of recommended books. The host explained that they had the list, but her daughter wasn't very excited about reading the books.

"Reading a book each week is very important," explained the specialist. "Help your child choose a book each week, and then tell your child that they will need to read the book, AND write a report on the book. You will want to be sure that they are actually reading the book you helped them choose. Children often want to read other books that they think are more interesting, but it is important that they understand that we don't just read books for fun."

To me, that is the basic problem in education today. Reading and learning have become our children's jobs, not something that could and should be a joy for a lifetime. It is a task to be completed, so that another task can be started. Education has become a "daily grind." For so many bright young scholars, there is little, if any, joy in learning.

This summer, take your children to the library, and let them choose fun and interesting books. Pick up a few yourself. Pack a picnic lunch, and spend some time reading together. Read aloud to your children, even if they are old enough to read for themselves. Read exciting books, funny books, amazing books and let your imagination soar!


Ky said...

Start when they are young. I remember signing my first library card. -It was like the key to the city! I've loved libraries ever since.

Ruth said...

You are so right about the library card being the key to the city... and beyond! Thanks for stopping by!

alex - unleashreality said...

hey ruth!!

so true that people turn reading into a tedious thing... and i think it's the parents' responsibility to enstil a life of reading in their kids.

and not just telling them, that makes it worse in rebellion.

do as i do, not as i say. :D

awwwsome article

keep well
alex -

Ruth said...

You're absolutely right, Alex! When I hear from parents who tell me their children don't like to read, one of the first questions I ask is "What have you read lately?" So many don't see the connection.

Thanks for your great comment!

Steve Peha said...

Love this post. Great work!

Nicole Rousselle said...

Hi Ruth! I enjoy your blog...refreshing and insightful.
I love reading and have passed this gift on to my children.

I look forward to reading more posts :)


Ruth said...

The love of reading is a wonderful gift to give your children, Nicole. It is a gift that will last a lifetime.

Thank you for your kind comments about my blog!