Friday, March 20, 2009


In one of the enrichment classes I teach, I asked the students if they had a career in mind. Most of them are teens and have been thinking about their futures. One young man stated, with firm conviction, that he wants to be a Disney Imagineer. He said that his dad thinks that it is a child's dream, and not a true career choice.

This same young man is in a book discussion group that my daughters and I attend. The teens in the group nominate books for future discussions, and they are chosen by popular vote of the group. The future Imagineer nominated the book, How to Be Like Walt: Capturing the Disney Magic Every Day of Your Life by Pat Williams and Jim Denney. He not only nominated the book; he enthusiastically reviewed it for the group, and explained many of the reasons he thought everyone should read it.

Often when I am making a point in my classes, this teen tells me how Disney relates to what I am explaining. He sees the magic there, and the work behind the magic. I can see him not only becoming an Imagineer, but excelling in his work. He is passionate about it!

At this time, his passion seems strong enough to withstand any criticism or ridicule he may face. Time will tell. He has many who support him in his dream, which makes me very happy. Dreams are so important,

There have been times I thought someone's dream seemed impossible, but it was not my job to tell them that. I could have been totally incorrect. If a dream seems beyond reach, I try to focus on listening more intently to what the dreamer tells me. Often there are many things for me to learn from this, and sometimes, the dreamer discovers information through the telling, that enables them to revise or clarify their thinking.

When I sense strong passion behind a dream, I try to find ways to nurture that dream, to provide contacts that will help the dreamer turn the dream into reality.

When someone shares their dream with you, listen. Encourage them. You may discover that it is as much fun to help someone else reach their goal, as it is to accomplish your own. Dreams are important and they do come true!


Ali said...

I'm pretty disillusioned when it comes to Disney, but I think an Imagineer is a pretty cool career goal. I hope he pulls it off! And I love this: He sees the magic there, and the work behind the magic. Isn't that what we wish for all our kids' dreams? (And our own!)

Ruth said...

I had been pretty disillusioned by Disney in the past, as you indicate you were. Seeing how Walt Disney inspired this young man with his passion and creativity, made me see Disney from a different perspective. Thank you for your comments!