Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Keys to Success

Richard St. John calls himself, "an average guy." He is the founder of a successful marketing company, The St. John Group. Over a seven year period, he interviewed more than 500 successful people and asked them what they felt was the key to their success. In one of the many popular TED Talks, Mr. St. John distilled those hours of interviews into 8 key words and a 3 minute presentation. Enjoy!


Ky said...

Wow! I would really love to see him in person and hear his 2 hour presentation. :) I would also like a poster of the 'key 8 things' for my room. lol, I tried to leave a comment and it turned into a Christmas List.

Ruth said...

A poster of the 'key 8 things' is a great idea. I liked the way he got right to the point.