Thursday, August 23, 2007

Want to Take a Trip?

I have always thought that it would be great fun to take my two daughters, and travel around the United States. There are so many interesting, unique and exciting places that I would like to see and to share with my girls.

I think they would love splashing in the cold ocean water along Maine's breath-taking rocky shores. Riding a cable car in San Francisco would be such a thrill. Seeing a real working ranch in Texas would be exciting, especially since we all love reading the adventures of Pioneer Woman's homeschooling family on their ranch.

Although I am still saving my pennies for our family's trip, Amy Haroldson, and her 9 year old daughter, Caroline, are preparing to depart on their trip across America. You can check out their itinerary, and follow along on the map. They have even included their intended curriculum for the journey.

Their exciting adventure will begin on September 4, so gather your family, and prepare to follow their progress. It should be a very interesting and fun trip!

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